Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Team Camp Day #3-?

I'm not 100% sure what day it is.  I'm not 100% sure what the schedule is for today. I have no idea what I'm eating for lunch.

I do, however, know a few things-
I know we are riding our bikes today and I need to hurry up and get in my chamois.
I know I'm supposed to wear my gloves because we are taking pictures while riding.
I know we've ridden past this lake every day except 1.
 I know our view from the house is very pretty and very much unlike my view at home.
I know a few days ago, Meredith Miller, Jennifer Wheeler and I drove with Aaron from Specialized up and up into the mountains to take pictures.
 I know I like this view to the lake we ride by every day, except 1 (which was the ride above).
I know I'm having a good time and am learning a lot about my team and racing this year. 
I know that, although I miss home, this is a good place to be.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Team Camp Day #2

Wake up
Pack Bags
Make/drink coffee
Load bags into van
Make breakfast
Get in back seat of car and begin drive
Eat breakfast
Hang out
Arrive at new Team House and "ooo and awww" at the view out the back windows
Learn house rules and get room assignments
Eat food
Get rained on
Get warned of the hail and snow
Get wet and cold
Arrive home

Later today--
Team dinner with Team TIBCO Jr's
Brownies and wine with Team TIBCO II's
SRAM presentation

I hope for no rain and a big, hard, ride tomorrow.  Then my bike fit with the famous Donny Perry.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Alabama part duex

 After the last post, I went for my walk.  It was nice to get out and explore.  I walked through this old grave yard, and
past the normal amount of trash on the side of the road.
When I returned home, I found these "snacks".  Apparently, this is what people snack on in the South. 
When in Rome...
My last day in Alabama was amazing.  Warm weather, 70 miles, and great group of people. Here we are before the ride.
 I flew back to Colorado, quick stop in Boulder for Pilates, then home to unpack and repack.  Then flew to San Jose for my Team TIBCO/To the Top team camp.

 Here's my new costume.
So far so good at camp.  Today we got to go to the Voler factory. It was really neat to see that ALL of our clothing is hand made and to meet the people who make it.  I have a new respect and appreciation for our team clothing.  I hope to steal a few pictures from my teammates who were smart enough to bring a camera to Voler.

That's all for now.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Alabama Cycling Camp- Year 2

 For the second year, I am in Alabama for the Alabama Cycling Camp.  It's fun stuff.  Yes we ride bikes, but we also do and see other cool things.

For example- when we wake up, we drink coffee.  Then we eat Breakfast.  Then we do whatever we want to until it's ride time.  Yesterday, I visited this nice horse and his/her brother's/sister's (I didn't check their gender).
Then we ride: anywhere from 2.5-4.5 hrs.  Nice people to chat with, amazing roads, and dogs.  That's another thing we do- scare off the dogs that either want to chase us, play with us, bite us, or all three.

We see varying scenery, but one thing is a constant and that's the amount of trash on the side of the road.  It's sad.  They need the "Adopt a Highway" program here.
Here's a pretty picture with no trash.  It was also one of the few spots I get good cell service.
 Post ride, we eat, shower, then have free time.  Which is what I'm using right now to blog.  And now, I'm tired of it and want to go on a walk.  So I'll finish this post another day.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snuck in another

It was cold, 1 degree, but I had to get in one last Nordic ski before bikes take over.
I was one of the  few Dodo's to skate instead of classic (those are my tracks, the only skate tracks, from the lap before). The glide was not good.
It was quite snowy.
I had a dang fun time!
 I even got fresh tracks on several trails (at 1pm!).
I never thought skate skiing in 1 degree weather could be so fun.  I guess that's what happens when you know you won't be skiing again for several weeks.  You don't know how good it is until it's gone...

Starting tomorrow, bikes.  In warmer weather (I hope).

Monday, February 7, 2011


Yesterday was epic.  I've never played in the snow like I did yesterday.
6:30 wake up- get dressed, coffee, morning "stuff", drive to Eldora.
7:45- begin Skate Ski in the dumping snow
7:48- see broken down groomer
7:55- realized ALL trails have yet to be groomed and there is anywhere from 3"-6" on every trail.
8:15- start really having fun in the snow.  With all the snow on the trails, nothing matters but just skiing and moving forward.  Who cares about technique, who cares about heart rate, just ski and enjoy.  It was awesome.
8:55- it occurs to me how awesome backcountry skiing would be today.
9:05- get in car, make some calls, cancel planned bike ride, drive back home.
9:35- change out of Nordic clothes, into Backcountry ski clothes, grab some food, water, and drive back toward Eldora.
10:45 (ish)- the fun begins

 It was AWESOME!!!

4 (ish)- return back to van with a giant smile and very tired body.

Yesterday, may have been the best "double day" I have ever had.  I got freshies (Fresh tracks) while both Nordic Skiing and Backcountry skiing.  I got to hang out with He Who Shall Not Be Named and Meriwether (thank you for the pictures!) and later dinner with The SMRP and doggies.

What an amazing way to leave the Colorado winter behind and start the bike racing chapter of the year.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Frozen House

I've had an interesting turn of events today.  Though very cold, the day started out pretty normally.  Alarm, espresso, Frisbee, (too cold for dog walk), breakfast, Internet, coaching work.  Somewhere in there, I baked cookies and made granola.  After a trip to drop off the recycle, it was time to get my Nordic on.  I skied for an hour and a half, and was on my way back home when I got the call.  It was neighbor and friend TC, he needed me ASAP at "The Big House".  The Big House is known to not withstand the cold very well, so I was not surprised to get a call for assistance.  I was surprised, however, at the urgency in TC's voice. 

I arrived at The Big House, walked in and it was FREEZING!  Colder inside then the 25 degrees outside.  Turns out, The Big House was completely frozen.  Inside and out.  Frozen.  There was ice on the toilet.

The boiler had suffered a "heart attack" due to ice in the intake pipe and stopped working.  No boiler means no radiant floor heat.  No heat and far below 0 temperatures means frozen pipes, frozen everything.  TC needed help getting the place warm and keeping it warm.  So here I am, in The Big House, chillen.  Literally.

The second fire place is kicking my ass as I have yet to get a good fire going in there.  Actually, right now there are just logs sitting in there slightly charred and no flames in sight.

The plus side to all this....The Big House is a VERY nice house.  Though the house is a little bit chilly right now, the couch is awesome, the TV is amazing and the tea options could keep me entertained the entire night.  Though that's bad as there is no water so the toilet is off limits. 

So for now, my job is to keep the fires going and to make sure the house survives the "thaw".