Monday, February 7, 2011


Yesterday was epic.  I've never played in the snow like I did yesterday.
6:30 wake up- get dressed, coffee, morning "stuff", drive to Eldora.
7:45- begin Skate Ski in the dumping snow
7:48- see broken down groomer
7:55- realized ALL trails have yet to be groomed and there is anywhere from 3"-6" on every trail.
8:15- start really having fun in the snow.  With all the snow on the trails, nothing matters but just skiing and moving forward.  Who cares about technique, who cares about heart rate, just ski and enjoy.  It was awesome.
8:55- it occurs to me how awesome backcountry skiing would be today.
9:05- get in car, make some calls, cancel planned bike ride, drive back home.
9:35- change out of Nordic clothes, into Backcountry ski clothes, grab some food, water, and drive back toward Eldora.
10:45 (ish)- the fun begins

 It was AWESOME!!!

4 (ish)- return back to van with a giant smile and very tired body.

Yesterday, may have been the best "double day" I have ever had.  I got freshies (Fresh tracks) while both Nordic Skiing and Backcountry skiing.  I got to hang out with He Who Shall Not Be Named and Meriwether (thank you for the pictures!) and later dinner with The SMRP and doggies.

What an amazing way to leave the Colorado winter behind and start the bike racing chapter of the year.


Dream Valley Ranch said...

Ooooooh! It is SO tempting to Name Him!!! :) heeheeeee!

Thanks for bringing yummy food over and for putting up with our Oh So Naughty Baby Guppie. She got sent to her room after you left! Bad Minion!

Hope you are able to sneak in a few more ski days here and there!

Unknown said...

I'm so jealous that my two favorite stalkees were in the same place at the same time AND eating Indian food. Harumph.

Sounds like an epic day, all in all!