Friday, March 14, 2008

Picture Story

All right. The Drought has come to an end.

Here is the recap, in pictures, of our trip to Australia and New Zealand.
Team USA in front of our Geelong cabin. Preparing for our first "stay left" ride.

Along the ride, we found interesting merchandise for sale.

Before the start of our first race together as a team.
AP, Kat, and Carmen.

Of course, when in Australia, Kangaroo spotting is a must.

After Geelong, we flew to New Zealand. There, we raced a 5 day stage race in and around Wellington.

(ooooo, pretty)

Team USA was treated to an amazing Team Presentation.

First, the teams were introduced.

Then we got a "native" show.
It was super cool.
The best team presentation I have ever been to.

Our first "Kiwi Crit" felt like home...

Then it was off to Team Colavita/Sutter Home women's profession cycling team presented by Cooking Light team camp (phew!). In the snow. Actually it was awesome. It was in Yosemite.

We got to ride our new Jamis' in and around the Valley floor.
El Capitan is on the left, and Half dome is in the back ground.

At the end of team camp, we got to be Cooking Light models. Complete with a stylist. What a neat experience. Look for this photo in the November issue of Cooking Light.


Anonymous said...

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Kathie Reid-Bevington said...

Sorry you weren't at the Sequoia Classic -- met you there last year when you won the tt. I was (and still am) freelancing for VeloNews, and interviewed you after the win. I'm now also doing some contract work for USA Cycling's newsletter, and need to talk with you about two upcoming articles. Please contact me ( to give me your contact information so we can set up a time to interview. I've been talking to other members of the national team, and know some are leaving for Europe starting tomorrow, so hope to catch you before you go -- if you're going soon. Thank you! ~ Kathie Reid (And please feel free to delete this non-typical blog comment!)

Anonymous said...

Alison, you and the ladies did a ROCKIN'-AWESOME job Down Under and in New Zealand!!! =) =) =)

I've managed to force--er, convince a few others to follow along in women's cycling this season and we were all following along via the web---we were all psyched at how well the team did!!
this year the fan club (so unoriginal, i know) is 'supporting/cheering on' another couple of women so we'll be following your success, the teams and a few other keep the rubber side down and we'll keep watching!!! GOOD HEALTH, GOOD LUCK!!

univ. of iowa

kennyk said...

I gave you a "HOLLA" on my blog. Check it #2.

G as in Chris said...

wristband in that team shot up there. How's the coffee mug? ;~)