Sunday, January 9, 2011

A grown up

I did not blog this week.  Mostly because I was busy.
I was busy doing more damage to my already sad and damaged car.
 I was busy test driving, and trying to find the money to replace my sad and damaged, but loved old car.
 I was busy buying a new car.
 I was busy feeling like an official "grown up" in my new car.  Wow, my first real car that wasn't a hand me down from my family (not that I didn't appreciate those cars. I did, they just weren't "mine").  This car is DANG nice and I can't believe it is my car.

I was busy riding my bike on a bike path that, for the past 10+ years, I have wanted to ride.
I was busy seeing a bald eagle on that bike ride.
 I am always kept busy trying to keep Lucy Dog off the couch.


Anonymous said...

now you got 2 dang cars parked in the middle of the dang road?!

Dream Valley Ranch said...

but she looks soooooo innocent! she won't cause annnny trouble-really!