Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weird thoughts

Recently, I've been thinking strange thoughts.  Actually, more like one strange thought.  I've been wishing January would last longer.  Never, ever, in my entire life, have I wished January would last longer (not even as a ski racer).  So what gives?

Well...I been finding fun activities to do in January.  I've been back country skiing, Nordic skiing, and Nordic racing.  I've met really cool people while doing these activities and it's been pretty fun.  When I go on bike rides, I go alone, ride exactly how I'm "supposed to" for that day on roads I've ridden tons of times.  It's not that exciting.

As soon as February starts, bikes and bike riding get a little more series.  Racing is 8 weeks away, and training camps and travel and serious training start all over again.  I s'pose I'm not quite ready yet.  I'm enjoying winter and I wish January was one month longer.

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Unknown said...

It sounds like you are in a really good place in your life, and you are able to have some clarity about each day and activity. I love it when I am feeling good enough to live in the moment, and not wish for something else!