Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Magic of America

I had no idea how much I loved America. That's right. The good old US of A.

After being in Europe for 10 weeks, I was SO happy to step foot in the Washington Dullas airport. I missed America, I missed Americans, I missed American stuff, and mostly, I missed my American family, my American friends and my American loved one (not that I have loved ones from other nations).

Driving home from the airport, after stopping at the grocery store, I suddenly realized America is full of Magic.

The things that are the magic of America include;
  • Big, bright, spacious grocery stores
  • Public bathrooms in the grocery store
  • Nice Americans who respect your space and shopping experience
  • BIG washing machines that only take 30 minutes instead of 2 hours
  • Nice customer service at stores and restaurants
  • English radio stations
  • Having a cell phone
  • Friendly people
  • Fun, low stress bike races

Ya, it's not so bad to be home. I like it.

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