Monday, June 15, 2009


A hand full of years ago, I rode in a sports bra and mountain bike shoes (it's ok to laugh). Then I got a pair of road shoes and road pedals and my coworker gave me a jersey. I ditched the camelbak and started racing, still with only one jersey. I envied the people who complained that they only got two team jerseys. I even continued to wear that one jersey after a mouse had chewed little holes along the back of the jersey. The reason? I had a goal; to not have to buy a new jeresy. I was going to wear that jersey until I either won a new jersey or made it on to a team that would provide me with a jersey.

This past week at the Nature Valley Grand Prix, I won/wore 5 jerseys (sprinter, climber, Women's Pestiege overall x2, and WP sprinter).

It makes me proud to look at the first jersey. I've come along way since then but it still is my most favorite jersey.

PS- major kudos to Shelly Olds. She rode amazingly this past week. Way to go!!!

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