Saturday, July 4, 2009

Russell Tower

Dorm life; such is the case here at Fitchburg. We brought our own pillows and blankets and have tried to make it seem less and less like a prison cell.

Jackie and I have pretty much just made a big mess to make it less cell like (actually it is mostly my mess).
Vero and Sam have done a nice job of making their cell feel feminine. They have a cleaning lady that comes twice a day to pick up after them and clean their cell. Maybe she can come next door to help out Jackie and me (well, me mostly).Our bikes like the hallway.
Aww, no matter where you are, the pre race drink is always coffee. In this case, Moka Pot by Jen.
With coffee and fun people, prison isn't that bad.

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kennyk said...

I have a blog request for you #2...Which race victory was the sweetest?