Friday, July 17, 2009

Mountain Bike Nationals

Getting ready for a one day, 2 hour race, will end up being a three day affair.
Day 1 was the drive to Sol Vista to pre ride the course and to register for the race (I am #90).
The base of Sol Vista has turned from a quiet summer ski resort, into a full on mountain bike show/expo. It's pretty neat.

The course pre ride lead to some needed bike work from the nice Titus Guy. Heidi G and little Amy D (who, by the way, won the U23 race today!) watch.

Day 2, today, was a mellow day. I avoided the "dirt scene" at Sol Vista and stayed home. I got my "roadie" on and rode my time trial bike (heaven forbid I get my mtn bike dirty after cleaning it yesterday).

Then, after inspiration from newly crowned U23 champ, Amy D, I sat in the stream and iced my legs.
Day 3 is race day. TBD as to what it will bring, but I'm sure it will be filled with nerves, exercise, eating, drinking, and a FUN TIME!

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