Friday, December 14, 2007


Today is my birthday and I got a sweet new present.

Then I used it to go round and round and round and round the track here in LA. The next present was the taste of blood in my mouth due to the lactic acid over flow from my legs.

It was Fantastic!

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Anonymous said...

typically myself and all (okay maybe not ALL) the people at the Univ. of Iowa read your blog for not only keeping up on your racing (so maybe i'm a little bit of a fan and maybe i read it out loud so, actually, they have no choice =) ) but as a way for me to encourage them to exercise more by doing something they enjoyed as a kid~~ride a bike! your blog is one of the sites that we all find fun to read because 1) i'm a cycling fan; 2) they're kinda funny * =) * AND 3) it gets the women engaged in talking cycling and maybe, JUST MAYBE, one of these days, THEY will ride!! i thought, until today. Today we signed on and you mentioned blood in the mouth~~I think I might have lost them....they all laughed, said cycling was too hardcore and rough and then....yes, tis the season....they all grabbed brownies and fudge and told me to enjoy my bike. *laughing actually* so...until next time, enjoy the riding and *high five* for keeping us all entertained (even if others do prefer and resort to eating peanut brittle over blood~~for now).