Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Track Camp

These are the necessary items to get through track camp.

However, by day 6, everything needs to be bigger. I want more coffee and that requires a bigger press pot. Though if I had a bigger press pot, the coffee and the foamed milk would not fit in the mug-mos. Thus, a dilemma is created. I have, however, learned this problem can be somewhat resolved by drinking an entire press pot AT breakfast, and making another to go in the mug-mos for drinking at the track. This technique also makes sure you know where the bathroom is.

Day 6 is also when the excitement happens.
Tomorrow is our last day here in LA. It has been a good camp and has been quite successful in wearing me out. I'm pooped. It's time to go home and get "our Christmas on".

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Debby said...

Hey Alison! I saw your mom and dad at the ski area today and she told me that you had a blog too. So, I thought that I should drop in and say Hi. How are you?! Haven't seen you in forever!