Sunday, January 6, 2008

Better Preparation

Thanks to Christmas (mostly Josh; are you trying to send me away?), I am now MUCH better prepared for track camp. It's a good thing too because this camp is longer.
The necessary items include:
-Hot water heater (tea, coffee, oatmeal, coffee).
-BIGGER press pot (more caffeine; less work).
-Mug-mos, foamer (coffee, tea; to go).
-Chain whip (changing track gears).
-Gun (shooting people; entertainment during rest periods on the track).
-Smaller camera (fits in jersey pocket; pictures during riding).
Watch out, C-men is dangerous...
Day one on the track brought lactic acid, coughing, blurry vision and the rollers. That's right, we came to LA (sun, beaches, palm trees) and got to ride the rollers. I've gone the entire winter (so far) in Colorado without having to ride inside once and due to the rain day one brought the rollers. FAN-tastic...

This is Pro...

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