Wednesday, May 20, 2009

First Class Conversation

Scene 1
Girl walks into United First Class seating area.
Captain- says smart ass remark to girl about those seats costing an extra $10.
Girl- replies to Captain with another smart ass remark while walking to seat.
Captain- Follows girl and tells her she must come look in the cockpit. Have you ever see a cockpit?
Girl- No, just from the aisle.
Captain- Oh well follow me.
Captain and girl enter flight cockpit. Captain tells girl to sit down in his chair.
Girl- WOW there are a lot of buttons in here. How many of these buttons do you actually use?
Captain- Don't push that red button.
Girl- What does that red button do?
Captain- Now tell are an athlete in top condition...yes?
Girl- Slight surprise -Yes, I am an athlete. I'm a cyclist. And I am trying to be in top condition. How could you tell?
Captain- Your lips.
Girl- My lips?
Captain- Yes, they are purple. You can tell an athlete in top condition by their lips. Purple lips means good blood flow and strong heart.
Girl- oh!
Captain- Am I not right?
Girl- Um, I guess that's the case. I never noticed my lips were purple.
Captain- Yes they are.
Captain gives girl a United pin to put on her shirt, asks if she knows Lance Armstrong, and then let's her go back to her seat.


Anonymous said...

wtf....are you kidding me? i thought i was reading a joke, at first!! *suddenly i want purple lips*

u of i =)

Anonymous said...

.......did you push the red button??