Friday, May 8, 2009

Compare and Contrast

Two stage races, back to back, in two different parts of the country takes some adjustment to get used to.
Take for example Silver City New Mexico (Tour of the Gila).
It's high (5,900ft),
dry (potato chip boogers in the nose),
small (the cyclists might have doubled the town's population),
old (old homes, old buildings),
in the middle of nowhere (12 hours drive from my home base in Colorado).

Contrast that with Fayetteville Arkansas where I arrived on Wednesday evening-
low (1,4ooft),
moist (my hair/head is a giant frizz ball, sweat pours off my legs, and my Silver City hack has been cured),
big (big homes, big town, big people),
new (house farms),
Internet in our host house!!

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Anonymous said...

great job rockin' it at Devil's Den, yesterday!! i'm rootin' for ya!

u of i