Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Finger Prick

Question- how many times can a person get their finger pricked in a day?
Answer- if you are doing physical testing at Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, the answer is A LOT!Being a bit of a workout masochist, I kind of like the testing. It brings out the best in me as I want to do my personal best. Plus, I get to learn a lot about my body and my training.

The tests included a Lactate Profile, VO2 max, and Windgate to determine peak power for 30 seconds.

We pretty much learned I am not a sprinter (surprise, surprise) and that I have some work (ie training) to do for next season.

I wonder if Dex4 will sponsor a women's team for Breast Cancer as well as Team Type 1? I love that stuff.


Monas said...

I'd say the number of finger pricks you do in a lactate test (every 3 mins?) would still be below the total of an average day for a diabetic.
(My finger pricking skills used to come in handy for lactate tests as I would be in charge of collecting the blood from the rider)
On RAAM, when offline from the Navigator, we were testing 50times per day.

kimberly said...

AWESOME, AWESOME!!! You KNOW I have to link this thread, right? ;-)

I can't wait to see your next round of testing, and how much your numbers change, as you kick azz while topping the cycling world, again, this year!