Sunday, April 8, 2007

The Cobble Hobble

There are three reasons why you would hobble around after racing the Tour of Flanders.

Number 1- You crashed in the massive pile-up 25km into the race, tried to chase back on to the group, then got pulled "so the Men's race wouldn't catch you".

Number 2- You crashed and still finished.

Number 3- You raced and finished (I, thankfully, fall into this category).

Pretty much, no matter what happened to each and everyone of us racing today we are all "hobbling" around. The race was epic but, for me, not as epic as I was thinking it would be. The cool-ness factor of actually racing the Ronde van Vlaanderen (as it is officially named) far out weighed any epic-ness. Yes, it was hard, yes, a lot of stuff hurts; my back, my quads, my hamstrings, my calves, my hands, my biceps and my brain, but it was FUN! Crowds lined the race course and encouraged us up each and every climb. They cheered us on in the cobbles and cringed when someone went down. It was epic, it was special, but overall, it was just dang neat (I know that sounds cheesy, but that really is how it was: really neat!).

Here are some pictures from today!

Driving to the start; in the fog (please don't rain!).

Brooke Miller and me (aka Spidey #1 and Spidey #2) before the start. We think our USA kits look like Spider Man 's suit.

Big moustache man at the finish.

Driving through the finish after finishing through it (no one was sitting in the grandstands when we raced through).

We race again on Thursday in Holland. Rumor has it, that Hotel is a *****! That's right, a five star hotel!! That means really YUMMY food (and a new country).


Anonymous said...

Good job Alison. I can imagine how your bodies hurt with the cobbles.

I'll try to find the calender.

Anonymous said...

YOu are colorful!