Sunday, June 10, 2007

An on-purpose DNF

Today was Philly. It was fun. It felt like Euro racing with the short steep climbs and the massive amount of people cheering for you. What a fun place to race your bike.

Today was a day of many firsts. Well, actually only two. It was my first time to race Philly and my first time to DNF (did not finish) in a bike race on purpose. It was a weird feeling to pull myself from the race, but truthfully, I was too dang tired to ride up the 2 remaining climbs on the way to the finish. Plus, I was hoping to watch the finish, but I was pedaling too slowly, so I missed it.

Our Philly women's race makes a measly four laps around the course (the guys do 10). After the third time up "the wall", (a steep hill lined with hundreds of screaming people) I attacked. No one came with me, so I got some extra time trialing practice. I was caught the next and last time up "the wall" then flatted on the decent. By the time I got a new wheel, I was behind the caravan and totally blown. I could be of no more help to the team and that's when I decided I was going to DNF.

Despite DNFing, it is actually a liberating feeling pulling yourself from a race when you are really proud of how you did. I raced my bike, let my teammates rest in the pack, and got a killer workout in. I am happy (now I can eat more cookies guilt free).

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Heather said...

You rocked out there in Philly. I really thought you might stay out there for the win! :) Maddie says HI.