Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mixing it up

Ah, September. The weather is changing, the leaves are changing (in Colorado), the racing is changing...September is a time for change. September is also a time when roadies are lagging in the motivation department. Most of us have been racing since late February and this time of year the road bike, the pavement and the idea of training are looking less and less exciting.

This lack of excitement is why it's good to remember that September is a month of change. In order to keep your cycling going in the right direction (ie. faster and faster) it is good to mix it up a bit. For example, you could ride other bikes, ride new routes, or ride with different people. I have tried to do all of the above.

In the past three weeks, I have competed in three different kind of racing all on different kinds of bikes. First was Crit Nationals (road bike), then on to Napa for Single Speed World Champs (single speed 29er mtn bike), and now to Colorado Springs for some track racing. It's good to mix it up and to find new types of riding that challenge you mentally and physically. Learn to change with the seasons.


G as in Chris said...

Ok, first lesson is to learn that Singlespeed is one word! :~)

KCM said...

great blog post ali!