Thursday, October 2, 2008

Annoying...but typical

-Track Nats.  Day 1.  Mass start test.
-Time standard-unknown (not on Internet, coaches don't know).
           -assume time standard will be similar to last year.
-Arrive to the start.  Find out time standard is 3 seconds faster (impossible).
-Wonder why I'm doing the test.  Hard to motivate when you know the new time is unattainable.
-Think about not starting.  Save energy for Pursuit (still don't know the time standard for that race either.  Probably will find out at the start.  Again).
-Try to find the positive.  I did pay $42.75.  Mom and Dad in the stands ready to cheer.  Good practice/experience for future events.
-Race.  Hard to dig deep into pain cave when you know you have not and are not going to pass the test.
-Realize today's situation was annoying but typical (ie. Olympic announcement-am I going?  I still haven't gotten the call)  I can't worry about what I can't control.
-Look forward to Track Nats day #2.  Team Pursuit.  There are Jersey's on the line.

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