Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Almost two years ago, I created this blog for The Mom and The Sister. Recently, The Mom busted me. "You haven't updated your blog in a long time. You should update it".
"Mom! You know what I have been doing. I've just been at home AND I talk to you every day".

Well, now I have something interesting to write about. I am at green Redlands. Yes, after living in Colorado for so long it is easy to forget that places actually turn green AND have fruit growing on their trees. Yum...

Race day #1 is tomorrow. Awesome Team Type 1 is ready to go to "infinity and beyond!" (our kits look like Buzz Light Year).

There now...Mom, is this an ok update? Not funny enough? Need more information? Oh wait a minute, I just talked to you on the phone telling you I was updating my blog AND I will see you in an hour. So, I guess this will be ok.

If you want more info check out blog. It is FULL of interesting info. Not as much BS as I write here.


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Anonymous said...

HEYYYYYY, us freaks in IA freezing our tushes off LUV to read about the BS going on in your neck of the woods!! What else are we going to do at the U??!!! work? *work is for suckers*

U of I