Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nature Valley Day #1

June. Minneapolis. Must be time for Nature Valley. 5 day stage race with 6 stages. Mostly crits and a lot of newbie girls. Final prep before Nationals in Bend.

After a good night sleep with Triple J and Puff, it was time for breakfast.
Next up was coffee (from sponsor Nossa Familia), and Puffins. Lucky for us, here at Team Vera Bradley Foundation, we have a new sponsor. Barbara's is providing us with the best cereal in the whole wide world; Puffins!!
At 10:30am it was time to ride to the Time Trial course to see what tomorrow morning's race will bring. Scenery along the way included a giant snow man.

On the way home, I took a picture of the snowman, Teammate Lauren, Host brother Coalton and Host Aunt Pat (they were our tour guides).
Right when we got home, we had an amazing presentation from Pat from Kinetic by Kurt trainers. They sponsor our team with bike trainers and it was fantasitc to learn about the company and how the trainers are made. WOW is all I have to say. Amazing (I'm glad we get to be sponsored by Kinetic).
Post presentation, rub and food was a dog walk. When I'm at home, I get to have several dog walks a day, so when I'm on the road, I miss walking the doggies. Lucky for me, our host house has Silver. I got to take her for a dog walk along the lake and all was good.

Now it's chill time. Racing starts tomorrow and we're pretty dang excited (except for the fact the race organizer here at NVGP banned time trial bikes).

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Anonymous said...

We're thinking of you and sending you happy and lucky race energy!

AC from PC