Monday, December 20, 2010

Ski boots + snow = Fun?

It's been a long time since I've had fun skiing. I've tried my best to avoid it due to various reasons. Ski boots make my knee hurt, it's boring, I'm over sitting on the chair lift being cold, it's not a "workout", I need to ride my bike, it's boring, etc.
Other than standing on the side of the hill coaching kids, I have not really skied for several years.  No all.  Until recently. I kept being left at home while friends would go backcountry skiing.  They would come home with funny stories, tired bodies, and great pictures. I found myself wanting to be part of that.
So, it happened.  Thanks to "He Who Shall Not be Named on the Internet", I got all the necessary equipment needed for the backcountry and off we went.

 And DANG it was FUN!

 I laughed, I got an amazing workout (i.e. "training day"), and I had fun.  A lot of fun.

 Next time, along with my Dr. Vie SuperFoods bar, I'll need to bring my own flask.
Thanks Meriwether and Heyride for the photos!


Dream Valley Ranch said... you are really going to leave that epic dare just dangling there? can i name his holy epicness?


please please please?

what will happen if i do? will the wrath of all things evil come down uponeth me? will i spontaneously implode? will lucydevil pounce on me? it is so tempting!

Dream Valley Ranch said...

ps-congrats on your first day in the BC...what fun!


That looks sweet!