Thursday, June 23, 2011


It's official-I can now ride bikes outside.  Yesterday when I found out, I could hardly get out of Boulder soon enough to get home and get on my bike.

I'd love to tell you my first bike ride outside in almost 3 months was amazing, super fun, and I was flying like the wind. But in reality, it was pretty anti-climatic, actually more like disappointing. I got board (an out and back ride), I was unstable, I was butt slow and breathing hard, I couldn't stand, my butt hurt, my left Achilles hurt and by the end, my arm had had enough. All this in 1 hour. I arrived home more sad than happy. What used to be an amazing bike rider was gone and it was sad.

I tried again today.  After yesterday's ride I had a look at my saddle position, which has felt wrong ever since I got injured, and sure enough the set back was WAY BACK. Too far back.  I fixed that, raised the saddle a bit and rode down to FasCat (too bad bike to work day wasn't today as I could have taken part).

Today, I had FUN. No pain, no aches, more stable, and no boredom! Riding downhill with a tail wind going around corners is FUN. 50 mph fun.  No fear and no worries.  For bike riding should be fun, not fearful.

I won't lie to you, I still have issues.  I am more aware of every bump, crack, or lump in the road that could vibrate up into my elbow. Due lack of coordination/strength in my left arm I feel awkward and uncomfortable in the corners. I cannot stand and pedal, my fitness is crap, and my arm is good for an hour.  Other than that, I'm excited to ride again and that's all the matters.

You can check out my two rides on Strava here.  If Strava looks interesting and you want to sign up-
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