Thursday, July 7, 2011

Other Than Riding

Yes, I've been riding bikes.  A lot.  Almost everyday.  But, I've also been doing other stuff too.

For example, I live in a pretty dang cool community and we do fun stuff together - like hike straight up a mountain to change out the flag in the rocks at the top (a 30 year tradition).
 I've made good friends in our little community and getting to spend the summer at home this year has been really special.
 Every Friday, we eat and drink together and tell stories. At least three times a year we work together to keep our home a wonderful place- then we eat and drink some more.
 I've also been taking care of our friends "ladies" while they are out of town.  This morning, I did my massive arm exercises- with 10 lbs weights- while the ladies hung out and found interesting stuff on the ground.
Life is good right now.  The 'bow is getting stronger and more stable and I look forward to racing again--sometime.

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