Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I have to say, the idea of going to Augusta early to "get used to the heat and humidity" for Nationals seemed awful. I don't like heat and I don't like humidity- but this trip was FUN! Actually, all trips this year have been fun. They are like going on vacation with your friends. We hang out, we laugh, we drink coffee, and every so often, we race our bikes around in circles.

This trip was no different. Robin, Addy, Erik and I had fun and it was like vacation. Later in the week, joined by the rest of our teammaies, we raced.

Not a bad view from our "lake house" -aka host house that was amazing.
Here's proof that Robin actually does dishes.
 This is my most favorite picture of them all. TT bike, sunset, lake, pretty.
 This was the first trip of the year we did not visit a coffee shop- not for lack of trying as every time we visited town, they were all closed. However, we replaced our double shot espressos for a double shot of wheat grass- almost every day.

Some sort of coffee drink that was ordered. It began as a Macchiato, and ended up as...?
 Being the Queen of Drinks, Robin was willing to try it all.

 Oh ya, we rode and raced our bikes. It was US Nationals after all.
 4th in the crit-er-i-um, 4th in the road race
 3rd in the TT.
Always having fun. Actually I was so busy having fun in the baby pool (peeing in it), I almost missed the awards ceremony for the crit.
I am so lucky. My team is fun, they are my friends, and we race well.

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