Monday, August 13, 2012


There's been a lack of updates- in case you haven't noticed.

I came home from Cascade and didn't do much. I was tired.

Then it was off to Chicago for Tour of Elk Grove- a 3 day stage race in the burbs. All I can say is I'm glad I don't live in the suburbs- of anywhere. Stop lights everywhere, everything is a chain (stores, restaurant, etc.), and there were no coffee shops (other than Starbucks).

Pretty much, after Elk Grove, the season is now over. Major bummer that Aspen got cancelled to just a crit. Now, I guess it's time to ride mtn bikes and drink margaritas.

I figured, I have all this fitness, I might as well race the North Boulder crit this past Sunday. It's pretty neat because one year ago, at the NoBo Crit, I made my "comeback" post broken 'bow and 3 months off the bike. I suffered my way to 7th place and was so happy and proud. On Sunday, I took it one step further and won the dang race. That felt good. 

Post race Cari, Christa, and I went into the Boulder Creek to cool down. That felt good too.
Today, I got to ride mtn bikes with my NOW mechanic Erik. That was fun- and hard.
I won't lie, now that the season is pretty much over and it's only August, I feel a little lost. What do I do now? Nothing to train for and no trips around the corner. Guess I'll enjoy being home and chill out. I'm excited for it.

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