Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I made a New Year's resolution. It's inside my head as I have not told anyone about it.
Keep things simple. No stress. No running around like a chicken with my head cut off.
KISS- keep it simple stupid.

I ride bikes. I coach people who ride bikes. Done.
I live in Colorado. I have a man. I have two dogs. Done.
I like coffee shops. Done.
That's all. This is my simplicity. If it doesn't involve something in those three categories, then I don't need to worry about it. Selfish, most definitely. But, I am an athlete and being an athlete means being selfish. I'm ok with that. It feels good to be ok with that.

Since my last post, things have been getting better and better. I am happy, I am healthy, and I am riding my bike!!

I went to Retul for a Time Trial bike fit. Truth be told, I wasn't happy with my fit last year, but I didn't want to admit it as that can make for serious "head-case-ness".
Now was the time to dial in my TT fit.
BAM! It was awesome. Complete with ski bend aero bars and, yesterday,  I had the most enjoyable TT ride I've ever had. Bonus-- I could breath!
 Last week, I visited The Mother Ship--Fraser. It was a really awesome two days. I got to sleep in, food was made for me, it was like a mini vacation.
Two of my favorite people- Grandmother and The Mom (even though Mom beat me by one point at Scrabble).
 Before going Nordic Skiing with The Mom.

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LT said...

I think it's pretty awesome that you and your mom workout together. 3 generations in the one pictures, shows a healthy, happy crew!