Monday, July 29, 2013

What Just Happened?

 The past 5 days have been crazy-- in an amazing way.

First up, two days of mtn biking with a funny friend and He Who Must Not Be Named.
Then fly to race a Criterium.

 A kind of important criterium.
Crit Nationals in High Point, NC. 1.5 hrs of going round and round in circles trying to make the sprinters legs tired so my team has a chance at winning.

 Pre race focus-- I'd tell you what my mental mantra is before each race, but then I'd have to kill you.
The strategy kind of worked. The sprinters were afraid to make their own legs tired while Amanda Miller and I rode round and round for 80 min.

The result was very unexpected and I still can't believe it.

I am the new Criterium National Champion. Crazy. Freaking awesome-- but still crazy.
One of the coolest parts? The race director puts on races to raise money for MS. My team raises awareness for MS. Pretty sweet connection.

 To celebrate, we had a great team ride to Pilot Mountain on Sunday. I love riding bikes.
 To celebrate again, I didn't ride my bike today and instead when on a little hike around the house. Dang it's pretty right now.
This victory just proves that you should never count yourself out of a race. Anything can happen. Never give up.

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Tony P said...

It was truly awesome to see you win at CritNats! I was about 5 feet from you as you were being interviewed after the win and your excitement carried right over the barricade and inspired me. The next day, I got on my bike and did a 27 mile ride. Not much compared to what others do everyday, but considering I'm (well, was) a very big guy, only a 10 mile ride once or twice a week was about all I could handle. Now, I'm down a whole bunch of weight, my legs are just about all lean muscle and I'm doing 20-25 mile rides almost daily.

Keep up the blog, I love reading all of your stories. And I will see you back in High Point when you come to defend your title!