Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Change of Pace

The season is over. No more races. No more training. Done.

I like the "off season". I like not racing and I like doing non-bike racing things. Things like drinking wine, hiking, skipping stretching, or not doing anything at all. 

I've had two awesome hikes this past week.
 The first was to Blue Lake. Due to all the canyons getting flooded, there are no Boulder people anywhere. It's great. We had the trail all to ourselves.
 Hike #2- up Hessie Trail. Again, not a person in sight. We did have some wind, and snow.
 It was awesome.
Being a "normal" person for a while is pretty nice. Hanging out with friends is more fun when you don't have to do intervals the next day. Splitting wood is more fun when it's the only exercise you'll get for the day.

Cheers to the off season.
Shot out to Dr. Andy at Peak Sports Chiro. He fixed me up yesterday. Seems like forever ago, but I crashed myself twice in one day in France and got a little jacked up. Dr. Andy is pro at un-jacking and I feel much better. Thank you!

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