Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Turn

Since my parents have taken me such wonderful places, now that they are in Lucca, it was my turn to be tour guide. I was ready with great loops and grand plans. They are my first visitors here in Lucca. It is exciting and I wanted to show them the best parts.

The first day, after only losing each other once, we rode to Pisa to see the leaning tower.

Next was a stop at The Best Coffee Shop in the World (sorry Cup), and to fill our water bottles with "healing water" as the town is known for.
The next day was a ride into the hills of Tuscany. I had no idea where we were going (so much for the plan), and we had to turn around at 2 dead ends. BUT it was THE most beautiful ride I have ever done here around Lucca. It was amazing and the Mom and Dad (and me) were quite pleased.

Having the Mom and Dad visit has been really rejeuvenating for two main reasons. One, I fianlly got to share Lucca with family. Sharing is always better than experiencing things alone. And two, it can get a little tiresome being away from home and loved ones for so long, especially when things aren't going according to plan (ie results, health, weather, etc.) I now feel more balanced and ready to tackle the next month of racing (could it be all the gelato we ate?).

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Anonymous said...

results schmalts....we're still watching and reading and rooting for you!!!

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