Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Turned on the computer this morning.
Got a warning that said 'C' drive was almost full.
Uninstalled a bunch of programs.
Started and restarted several times.
Last restart never started.
Hard drive crashed.

Damn!!  All my SRM files are lost!!!!  Who cares about all the other stuff that was on my computer... my training log is gone!  (I know it sounds psycho, but it's true.  I'm most sad about losing my training log.)


thek2 said...

bummer... well it's a NEW season of training soon, even better files to come ;-)

Anonymous said...

see, this is why i like to keep things simple~~~i just make sure i don't go over my '1 peanut butter cookie per 10 miles i ride' rule.


u of i