Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Roadie Trip

What do you get when you take two anal "roadies" and send them to Vegas to race Cross Vegas?

Answer- A mini van filled with questions, extra equipment, two of everything, and a whole bunch of uncertainties.

The roadie trip started on Monday in snow and 29 degrees.
It continued into Utah where after 24.5 bathroom stops we found pretty scenery.
Into a coffee shop in Cedar City for a stop to say hello to awesome roadie friends, Nikky and Jenna.
Finally, into Vegas where upon arrival it was 92 degrees and extremely overwhelming for us two "country bumpkins".
The trip is about to hit it's climax as Kori and I are somewhat ready to exhibit our Cross skills tonight at 8pm.


Anonymous said...

What a contrast from 29 to 92 degrees! That interior of the van looks very familiar.

Anonymous said...

Go get 'em big Al.

Monique in Aus

Anonymous said...

Sean said you two rocked the CX!