Tuesday, February 9, 2010

First trip of 2010

I'm out of practice. I came to Charlotte, N.C. for some training and testing, and I forgot my camera. So, words will have to do.

Day 1- Travel
Drive to the airport in sideways falling snow VERY early in the morning.
Fly to Charlotte via Orlando
Get picked up by Team VBF teammate, Robin, drive to her great bike shop, Uptown Cycles, get on my bike that was already built up for me, and ride. It was great. Sunny and warm-ish.
Grocery store, dinner, bed.

Day 2- Great mellow day
Wake up
Coffee, internet, breakfast.
Head to Uptown Cycles for "stuff doing".
Get set up on the Computrainer, ride, ride and ride to my longest trainer ride ever (40 degrees and raining outside).
Stretch, lunch, cappuccino drinking.
Post office, grocery store, home.
Dog walk, internet, dinner make.
Dinner with Team VBF Kristin and her Dad (Robin too).
Pack stuff for tomorrow, phone, bed.

So far so good!

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