Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sea Otter-Day 1

Travel days; the demise of almost every sporting activity. However, yesterday was an amazingly good travel day. It's days like this I love being a bike racer.

5:45am- Wake up, shower, espresso, good byes, drive to DIA.
7:45am- Park car, get on bus, eat breakfast, arrive at Terminal.
8:10am- Check bag (thank you Southwest for not charging!), go through security, walk to gate.
9:00am- Board plan, take off, read, watch movie, land 20 minutes early in San Jose.
11:30am- Get picked up by Director Lisa, drive to our host host in Salinas CA.
1:15pm- Arrive to host house, say "hellos", unpack, chamois up.
2pm- Ride. And it was AWE-SOME. It's days like today that I feel so lucky to get paid to come to cool places like this and ride my bike (one decent was so much fun I rode back up to do it again).

Am I in Lucca at the Team USA house or am I in the USA?

4:45pm- Finish awesome ride (do I really have to stop riding? Oh ya, I'm here to race, not ride my brains out the day I arrive).
5pm- Stretch, shower, chill with Lauren and Alison T.
6pm- Drive into Salinas for dinner and grocery shopping (my favorite! I love the grocery store!).
8:30pm- Arrive back to host house, unpack grocery's, get ready for bed.
9:05pm- lights out.

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