Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Charlotte Fun

A few weeks ago, I blogged about the fact that bike racing isn't all about the racing. I said something like the actual racing part is a small section of each day and we don't race every day. The rest of the time can be filled any way you like. Well, for the past 4 days we've been filling our time any way we like.

Mornings, of course, are filled with biking riding. Tony, Toni, Tone is always the first one ready and is always waiting for us.
We make the rides enjoyable by either attacking each other, sprinting for city limit signs or riding to neat places-such as we did today to the National Whitewater Center.
Two of the 4 days, have involved us getting our asses kicked by Robin's trainer, Laura. Ouch, I'm still sore. Day 1 was Arms and Day 2 was Core. We're smiling in this picture, but really we hate her. :) If you're in Charlotte and need a workout look up 1-ON-1 Fitness Training.
We've filled our afternoons with internetting, grocery store going, hanging out, or playing Foosball. Robin beat Toni, I beat Toni, Robin beat me. Quote of the game, "I hate losing to Powers!"
Evenings have been really nice. We have cooked dinner together (mostly Toni cooks for us), and gone to friends' homes for dinner. Yesterday was a trip to the Trip for Kids Re-cyclery.
That place is awesome. Pretty much, they help spread the love of bikes to kids who wouldn't usually get a chance to ride a bike. Not only do they get to ride bikes, they get to learn about bikes too. It's cool. Trips for Kids
This week in Charlotte has made Tony, Toni, Tone and I very happy.

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