Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Not in Kansas Anymore

Either I am spoiled, don't get out much or live in a box (or all three). Whatever it is, I am often shocked by things I have never seen before or that take me out of my element.

After a week and a half at home doing awesome home things (like riding bikes with my sister and brother in law), I flew to Charlotte, NC.
When I stepped out of the CLT airport, it felt like I walked into a wall - a hot, moist, wall that had me instantly sweating and wishing to be back inside.

Due to this weather, I decided that if I were to ride my bike, it was going to have to be inside, on the trainer. Teammate Robin joined me.
We raced last night and today went on a pretty fun team ride with other cool people. I had no idea a "group ride" could be so much fun (and sweaty).
One of the bonuses of the ride was seeing these two never-seen-by-my-eyes-before things.
Boiled peanuts. Double ew.

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