Monday, November 15, 2010

New Experiences

Sometimes, when you least expect it, new experiences and new people come your way.  In these situations, people can do one of two things.
1- get nervous, and quickly try to make the situation more comfortable by doing "normal" things.
2- embrace the situation and be excited at the chance to try something new.

Such was the case for me on Friday and Saturday.
I got a call Friday evening from a man who had supposedly found my credit card.  I didn't even know it was missing and how did he get my phone number?
I looked around and sure enough, my card was gone. Weird.
So, I could do one of two things-
1- call my credit card company, cancel my card, hope the guy never calls me again, and call it good.
2- call the man back, meet him, get my card back, and hope he has not bought anything with it.

I chose #2...the more uncomfortable (for me) choice.
Turns out, I made the right choice.

We met at a coffee/tea place I NEVER go in Boulder, The Tea House.  I ordered something I had never tried (also uncomfortable for me), and I met a really nice man who had great stories to tell and made for nice conversation.  I got my card back, and made a new friend.  It was a great, though somewhat uncomfortable at times, experience.

The tea I ordered (a "display" tea), some kind of white jasmine tea, opened up and looked like a flower at the end.
Though interesting, it was quite good.

Because I've done it in my past two posts, here's a dang cute picture of The "Moe" Dog, Jackson.


NinjaPonyDad said...

OK, So how did he get your phone number?
Speaking of Stalking...(next post)

Dream Valley Ranch said... are so awesome for being so trusting but my god woman! Don't make me put The Woodlay on Security Duty for you...u b crazy!! I would have taken option one and installed a crocodile infested moat at the base of our little valley :)

Give Mr MoeMoe a squish please!!