Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Hobby

5 weeks and still no bike ride.  Not even close, actually.  So, without riding, I have a lot of free time on my hands.  Also without riding, it seems my body is not as intolerant to wheat as it once was.

Free time + not riding + not gluten free anymore = beer.

I have never liked beer.  Gluten free or not, I didn't like the taste of it.  Then something happened.  A couple months ago, we went on a cross bike ride and everyone had to drink beer at the top of each mountain.  By mountain 3, I was actually looking forward to the beer stop. 2 weeks later, post cross bike ride, I tasted the most wonderful thing ever (second only to espresso); Older Viscosity from Port Brewing Company.  I was hooked.  I couldn't believe there was actually beer that tasted like chocolate AND whiskey.  Problem was, Older Viscosity is quite expensive.  So, I had to find a beer I could drink and that wouldn't break the bank.  This quest, has turned into a new hobby.

What's the difference between a Stout and a Porter?
How many calories are in each kind of beer? (that matters as I am not riding right now and do not wish to weight 200 lbs)
How does tap differ from bottle or can?
What other beers taste good?

Though beer is not quite filling the void left by my bike, it is keeping me busy. This new hobby is time, money, and taste bud consuming, and though I don't drink beer everyday, it has me looking forward to happy hour.


SpeedyChix said...

Should some Michigan favorites be brought to AL camp?

MrDaveyGie said...

Beer is good!!!

Web sight with a lot of beer info.


Dream Valley Ranch said...

Now THAT is a good new hobby-especially when yummy Ten Fidy and Old Viscosity are involved :) yummy!!