Sunday, March 13, 2011


Yesterday, like the other day, I wanted something other than what was in my jersey pocket- which was a Vanilla PowerBar.

I had one dollar to spend, a Snickers was definitely out of the question, and I didn't want another banana.  So, I chose the Peanut M&M's.  As I was eating my M&M's, I wondered how they compared, nutrition wise, to the PowerBar in my pocket.  So I compared, and I must admit, I'm a little surprised by the results.

M&M's Peanut Chocolate Candies   
Calories- 250
Fat- 13g
Sodium -25 mg
Carbs- 30g
Sugar -25g
Protein- 5g

Milk Chocolate,
Less than 1% - Corn Syrup,
Gum Acacia, Coloring, Dextrin

Costing only $1 and with only 4 main ingredients, no soy, and less sugar than the PowerBar, I'm surprised to say, the M&M's aren't bad. They do, however,  have a little bit too much fat for my liking, and don't have the nice vitamins and minerals that are in the PowerBar that costs $2.50.

Personally, I like simple foods-i.e. not many ingredients and of those ingredients, I would like to be able to pronounce them.  I like food that tastes good and rewards me for my hard efforts. Thus, the winner is....
 M&M's Peanut Chocolate Candies 


Unknown said...

My favorite is Uncle Eddie's Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookies---somehow they do exactly the same thing for me that Clif Bars or Power Bars do, and they are so much more yummy.

Dream Valley Ranch said...

mmmmmm...uncle eddie's...