Thursday, March 31, 2011


I did not have "it" today.
Even yesterday, I knew I didn't have "it". 

This "It" is what an athlete needs to have for success. Over the years, I have come to recognize when I have "it" and when I don't.  I know before the race even starts if I am going to win or not.  Yesterday, I knew I was not going to win today.  Actually, I knew I was going to be sort of slow.  No matter how hard I tried to think otherwise, I knew in my heart "it" was not going to happen.  You can call it what you want- negative thinking, not believing in yourself, whatever.  Or I could blame it on excuses like it was hot, I got sick last week, etc.  That fact is, sometimes you have "it" and sometimes you don't.

The trick to success is finding "it", and once you've you've got "it" not letting it go.

The results speak for themselves- 12th place today.  Worst ride in 3 years.  There's nothing to do now but keep on riding, keep on working hard, believing in myself and trusting that "it" is coming.

The best part of the day--coffee with Anne and Robin.
The second bast part of the day--the walk home with Alexis after team meeting and dinner. We saw the sun rise on our bikes, and the sun set on our feet.

Here are my teammies post TT.


Lilly said...

Just sing Young MC next time: "If you want it, baby you got it...just bust a move!" Proud and thinking of you, Coach!

Unknown said...

Sorry if you are tired of me telling you this, but you are a Goddess, whether you are able to channel your inner "it" or not.