Saturday, April 2, 2011

Behind the Scenes

Stage racing is more than just racing.  There's a lot that happens that has nothing to do with the actual racing.  It's as easy as this-there are 24hrs in a day and our longest races are 4 hrs-max.  That leaves us with 20 hrs of "other" stuff to do.

This "other" stuff varies depending on how hard the racing is day to day, and where the races are.
For example, if the start and finish are one hour away from our host house, that uses up an extra 2 hrs.  If the racing is hard day after day, most of that "other" stuff is done laying around in bed with a water bottle by your side.

Our race today is a Criterium at 2:30.  The start is 10 minutes away, by bike.  That means we have no travel time, and only 1 hr of racing.  So, pretty much, we have a "free" day today.

It felt good to sleep in, enjoy coffee and breakfast and be a little mellow.  At 9am, my teammies and I went for a chill ride around the "Sunset Loop". 
We ended at the coffee shop for post ride espresso and goodies. Though I love espresso and coffee shops, I don't enjoy the "scene" of bikes and bike racers (I know, that's weird). I rode home with a few teammies who don't drink coffee (which is also weird).

Drop off bike to mechanic
Get a car ride to host house
Eat lunch #1
Computer - which is what I'm doing now.

We've got a few more hours of free time before it's time to chamois up (again) and get to racing.

I've been VERY spoiled by my teammies in the other house, as they have been cooking dinner every night. It's GOOD dinner.  Though, tonight's dinner is Chipotle- give them a night off from cooking.

Tomorrow is one of the hardest races of the year. Sunset.  Despite the pain and suffering it brings, I look forward it to every year.

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tiffp said...

Alison--I'm so sorry about your sucky crash in the crit. I hope you heal up real fast.
Thanks for cracking me up during the races.