Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Random Stuff

When I returned home from the hospital, almost 2 weeks ago, there were a few things that were funny.  Mostly it was my own body.  Weird stuff happens to you when you have surgery, are on IV antibiotics for 4 days, and mix it all with pain killers.
#1- my body functions were all off
#2- espresso didn't taste as good as usual
#3- Lucy dog smelled like a skunk

He Who Must Not Be Named suggested all the antibiotics in my system were messing with my sense of smell.  I'd never heard of the that, but he's usually right about everything so off to Pharmica I went.  Sure enough, the nice lady said "Yes, antibiotics can mess with your sense of smell and taste". She convinced me to buy expensive Probiotics and I'm happy to say Lucy Dog now smells good as ever, and espresso is YUMMY!!  Not to mention my body feels like it is "working" properly now.  Maybe better than it was before all this happened.

On another note, some good things have come from my injury.
#1- I get to hike and hang out with people I wouldn't usually get to see due to bike riding and racing. (pictures below)
#2- one of the girls' who crashed with me in the crit also broke her elbow and we are now injury friends.
#3- I no longer have any kind of saddle sores or weird tan lines
#4- CrossPropz supplies me with a few of life's needs (last picture)
#5- I've gotten to spend time with family

People are wondering if I am riding the trainer yet, or when I'll "be back".  The answers are "no" and "not for a long time".  For now, it's hiking, walking, Pilates, and friends.


catherine said...

So glad you are healing, have great friends and family to help you, and most of all, have such a positive attitude! You never fail to inspire me, on or off the bike! :-)

Unknown said...

Hey! I also have post surgery scars! Let's hang out and tell people we got into a sword fight! Or, you can tell people you got attacked by a shark! Actually, the possibilities are pretty endless here.....

Tania Kline said...

Thank you for writingg this

Tania Kline said...

Nice bblog thanks for posting