Wednesday, March 13, 2013


From palm trees to snow. Or was it snow to palm tress? Maybe both?Yes, both

I'm home from team camp. Wow, it went fast. We crammed a lot of stuff into that 2 weeks.
-4 days of racing
-8+ hours of driving travel time
-10+ trips to Handlebar
-12 days of riding
-3 recovery days
-3 trips up Gibralter
-endless paceline practice
-team dinners and lunches prepared by Chef Amy
-15+ team meetings
- 2-3 verbal spankings
- a lot of laughing
- a lot of eating
- 1 media training day combined with photo day
- a lot of FUN!!

3 weeks at home now. I like home-- keeps me grounded and happy. Though it is strange to have already raced, then come home to snow.

Luckily for me, I brought some Handlebar beans home. The Bezzera did well and I had 2 yummy shots this morning.

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