Monday, March 18, 2013

Sisterly humor

Got this funny e-mail from the Sister. Thought I'd share-

As expected, ride 1 went as follows:
-first 10 minutes...brrr I'm cold, am a I dressed right
-10-15 - wow I like this ALP cycles kit, comfy!
-Minutes 16-20 - knee warmers falling down, ride off the road into the dirt 
trying to retuck.  Nearly crash.
-20-30 - first climb, knee warmers with gap, too hot in vest
-30 - remove vest, fix knee warmers on side of road
-30-50 - ride like a normal person
-50-65- search for pee spot
-65 stop to pee, get viewed by people in a cement truck
-65-70 - wonder why I can't clip back in.  Oh yea, I have pee mud stuck in shoes
70-85 - ride like a normal person
85- see a Bald Eagle, stop to take picture
86-100 - bonk, barely make it home for lunch. 

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