Thursday, April 25, 2013

4.5 days

 4.5 days. That's the time at home I got between trips. It was short, but it was awesome. I love home!

It was also incredibly busy.
1- Peak Sports Chiro visit
2- massages
3- skills clinics
4- recovery rides

1- visit from USADA
2- too dilated pee samples given (I may have been drinking a margarita.. or 2)
5+ - elk seen during USADA visit
lots- of snow falling and sweeping and shoveling

All of a sudden, it was time to leave. 4.5 days is too short. I admit, I was sad to be leaving the Cliff-e. Sad to leave JH and the furries. I'll miss them! See you in two weeks furry family.

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