Thursday, May 9, 2013

11 days, 9 races

It all started in Fayettville, Are-Kansas. Joe Martin. A fun, somewhat hard, 4 day stage race.

Everybody's bike, except for mine, was too light. HaHa small, short, sucka-s. :)

My teammates had to put "weights" on their bikes to make them legal. Mechanic Erik was pretty creative and had no tools left in his tool box at the end of the day.

Post TT, it was safety first, followed by nose cleaning, for Lex. She's from Canada...
 Then it rained. It didn't really stop for 2 days.
 I was lucky enough to get 2nd overall (beyond a pesky German that refused to lose). While waiting for Podium, I met a friend.
  Then we drove. And drove.
 And stopped for Burgers-- I had a black bean burger (yes, I am still meat free and still loving it).
And...drove some more. Somewhere, just west of Amarillo, I cracked. Badly. Thankfully, a good night sleep in 2-cum-cari, cured me and I was ready to drive some more.
Our destination was Silver City, NM for a stage race that started in 2 days.
 In Albuquerque, I got new boobies. Thanks Whole Foods...
 Finally, after 19 hours of driving, we arrived. Hello Silver City, hello Gary's house. Not a bad view to wake up to each morning.
Now, it was time to race.
I get to wear the NRC leader's yellow jersey. This is a new thing this year and I have to say I have a love hate relationship with it. It's cool that I'm leading the NRC standings and get the honor of wearing it, but 1) it's ugly, 2) I stick out like a sore thumb, 3) it has no logos on it to support my team or our sponsors.

 5 days later, we were done racing (second again) and drove to Tuscan. This is the biggest cactus I have ever seen.
 Maura, Lex, and I celebrate Cinco de Mayo with popcorn and a margarita. In the morning, we flew home.
 I'm super happy to be home!! I love home and my furry family that lives there.

What the heck month is it?
 Yes, snow again. I may be grumpy about it, but we (the earth and our well) need the water.

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