Sunday, May 26, 2013

It's Over

Let down. Relief. Burden off my shoulders. Motivational. Done. All are feelings I am feeling right now post Nationals TT.

After months of build up, training, racing, sacrifice, planning, etc. It's over. Win or lose, I can now move on and plan the rest of the season and year.

I didn't win. I didn't exactly lose either. I was 3rd. Same as last year. But, the result doesn't tell the entire story. It doesn't tell the work I put in over the winter and early spring to revamp and better my TT-ing. It doesn't reflect the hard work everyone around me has done for me or had put up with at home. It doesn't tell the story of waking up Tuesday night barfing with food poisoning--4 days before Nationals.

3rd place it is-- Great rides by Carmen and Kristen. Now I can move on. The anticipation of wondering about TT World's is over. I won't be going. I can now focus on different things.

Such as finding the best coffee shop in every town we visit.
For real, the season is long and there is a lot of racing left. I have plenty to be excited about and motivated for. Such as a certain road race tomorrow...

We've had a good time in Chattanooga and like all things NOW, we've have fun together.

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