Thursday, May 16, 2013

Phone Post

I'm trying something new today. I'm doing a blog post from my phone. I traveled to California for just two days, so left my computer at home. 

Usually, trying something new can be pretty fun. Maybe a little challenging and frustrating as you figure the new thing out, but you end up learning and that's what makes it fun. 

My pictures are a little out of order.

Yesterday, I traveled to San Jose. The women's tour of California time trial is tomorrow, Friday. I have to say, I'm pretty dang excited for the race.  It's a real TT withbturns and ups and downs and technical sections: not a boring out and back. 

Before traveling yesterday, I had a very nice little ride.  The warm weather, lack of wind, and spring make it very enjoyable to ride up high. 

Then I traveled. Upon arrival, I took myself out to dinner. Thai food with peanut sauce on everything.

It is weird to be in a hotel room all by myself. The rest of my team and staff are showing up today. Only Robin and I are racing so it's a small team. We still get three staff so that's a pretty dang good ratio. 
Back to the hotel room, there are certain things you need to always have with you when staying in a hotel. These important things vary for each person. For me, my important things are coffee and breakfast supplies (picture above). The rest of the stuff I can live without.

Now, finally, after weeks of anticipation I get to go see the time trial course. 

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