Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Last Friday was the tour of California time trial. It's a pretty cool event to be part of. I was lucky enough to get to be number one for race day. I've never had number one before so it was very exciting.

Here are some highlights from race day.

Wake up, coffee, early-morning trainer ride in the hotel room.
Every single racer, staff and official stayed at the same hotel. Look at all the motorcycles involved in the race.

Our new Champion skinsuits finally arrived!! They look pretty good. Here's Robin modeling before her race start.
Sway sway, a.k.a. Maura, was the best cheerleader there. She even brought a costume and was good entertainment.

The time trial went well. I got second and was pleased with my effort. The course was great and the bike change that we had practice that morning went off flawlessly.

Postrace was podium, change, and fly home.  A short, but successful, 2 1/2 day trip. 

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