Monday, May 13, 2013


Spring has finally sprung and it's awesome.

I came home from Gila to snow and cold. 6 days later, it's 75 degrees, the pasque are blooming, and the humming birds are buzzing. I love late spring. The bunnies are out and about, birds are chirping, and I ate lunch outside.

The furries and I hung out on the porch while I tried to hit the dang woodpecker who drinks out of the humming bird feeder with pine cones (I'm never very close).

It's almost time to plant flowers, and turn on the outside water.

It's not that I hate winter, I just like the other 3 seasons better.

This week has been an amazing break from racing and traveling.  I needed this time out to refresh and to reset. Friday is the ToC TT and Nationls a week later. It's May and some of the biggest races of the year are here. I'm excited.

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